Pinball - NES | Retro Wrap-Up
I just wanted to show off my high score.

Ah, pinball. One of the great precursors to video games as we know them. The pinball machines were always one of my favorite stops when visiting an arcade. Each one was different–both in theme and in mechanics. The vibrations from the ball and bumpers, and the feel of the movement of the flippers all varied from machine to machine, and it took some time before you became familiar with them. Although, with enough practice, I hear even a deaf, dumb, and blind kid can learn to play a mean pinball.

While there have been numerous video game versions of pinball released since the early days of the industry, the oprainfall Retro Commercial Research Team–in other words, me–was rather disheartened to discover that only pinball games with themes rooted in the most popular video game franchises were advertised on television.

So, enjoy the various pinball video game commercials I’ve found for this week’s Retro Wrap-Up. And don’t forget to let us know what your favorite pinball video game is. I’ve always really enjoyed Pinball for the NES.

And, as a bonus, here’s an old Atari 2600 commercial that features a segment on Video Pinball, another one of my favorites.

Here are the highlights from the past week.




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Eric Chetkauskas
Eric has been playing video games for longer than he can remember. His interests skew toward retro games with an emphasis on Japanese RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Dragon Quest series.