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So it’s a normal evening and you’re casually watching anime that you find to be well written, full of interesting characters, and fun to watch. There’s only one thing wrong with it: you don’t want to be caught watching it. Whether it be too gory or ecchi, there are just some things no one wants to try and explain. So here it is, oprainfall’s top 10 anime that you don’t want to be caught watching:

10: Gantz


Gantz was a good anime that suffered from catching up to its manga counterpart, which gave it a terrible ending and slow plot development. Even with that, one can’t deny that the emotional scenes full of blood, body parts of your favorite characters, and screaming people is something that you’d want to explain to anyone as to why it appeals to you.

9: Kissxsis


Kissxsis had a good run. It was funny and engaging with only one tiny thing to explain: The male protagonist has twin sisters who are desperately trying to win his attention in the most flirtatious ways. Be that as it may, this anime is one that you’d want to watch and never tell anyone how much you enjoyed it because they probably wouldn’t understand.

8: Highschool of the Dead


Highschool of the Dead was pretty popular among individuals who didn’t even watch that much anime, but I’m sure they didn’t watch it with their parents. This anime features lots of amazing over the top zombie killing action with boob physics that go unmatched to this day. Sadly, its popularity did not save it enough to get more than one season.

7: Please Twins!


Please Twins! is another anime featuring a brother and two sisters relationship, but this love triangle has a twist. One of the girls is NOT his sister. As a result, we are taken on an adventure of love and heartache as we root for our favorite girl that might be the protagonist’s sister. Have fun explaining that.

6: B Gata H Kei


B Gata H Kei features a female protagonist on a mission: to sleep with 100 guys at her school. As cool as it is to witness a female protagonist be so bad ass, she finds it’s not as easy as it sounds. Try pitching that idea to your school mates!

5: Queens Blade


Queens Blade is about a tournament of the same name featuring an all female cast of fighters. It is very difficult to watch ten minutes of this anime without one of the characters depicted in a sexual way, but it sure is fun to watch. I’d turn the speakers down or wear headphones while watching, though, unless you want to increase the chances of getting caught.

4: Highschool DxD


Highschool DxD is a story of angels and demons. The main protagonist is killed, only to be revived as a servant by a devil. This anime wastes no time pushing the limits of ecchi any chance it gets while telling the story of this fallen angel. It is a pretty good anime that you’d want to talk about with friends… if only they wouldn’t judge you.

3: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya


Fate/Kaleid is a spin-off anime of the Fate series starring the character Illya. Though this anime features amazing battles, hilarious situations, and beautiful art, you’d be surprised how easily the mood changes to show off these young girls in the most suggestive situations. Maybe it’d be best to keep the love for this anime out of judgmental eyes.

2: Kodomo No Jikan


Kodomo No Jikan is anime about a normal 23-year-old school teacher who loves to teach, but is stuck in the most awkward situations by the girls in his third grade class. As one of his students falls in love with him, she tries anything to get him to cave and succumb to her loli siren song. Nothing good can come from explaining this to people who just don’t get it.

1: Monster Musume


Monster Musume is one of the newest anime on this list and has made its way to our number one spot. It features a male who is stuck taking care of a number of monster girls as they fight for his hand in marriage. The anime features all type of barely dressed monster girls and hilarious situations, but it probably isn’t wise to explain to people how you have a small crush on a half-human, half-snake girl. Unless she’s your waifu, then it’s your responsibility to yell that from the roof tops!

So that’s it, oprainfall’s top 10 anime that you don’t want to get caught watching. In the end, there are tons of anime that we enjoy, but don’t want to explain to anyone why we enjoy them. Have you ever been caught watching an anime on this list or an anime you feel should be on this list? Tell us what you think belongs on here and maybe a story of a time you were caught.

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