Publisher D3 has released screenshots of their newest PlayStation Vita exclusive, Omega Labyrinth.

The game’s setting is an all-girls high school where a legend of the “holy grail of beauty” that is hidden underneath the school grounds. The legend tales of an item with the power to grant wishes, it will even grant the wish to make breasts larger. That’s where out main heroine comes in, she longs for the feeling of having big breasts and will seek out the holy grail of beauty to obtain them.

The characters names are, Aina Akemiya, Nake Mito, Saeri Sogiya, and the “love maiden of breasts” Pie. The game play is a dungeon rogue-like with randomly generated levels. Like all rogue-likes when you enter a dungeon you return to level 1 and if you die all items found in that play through are lost.

The game is played in dungeons, killing monsters grants you Omega Power that can be used to make the protagonist’s breast larger, but also can be used for other things. Certain items can be found that have unknown effects, but by placing them between her boobies and moving it you can use Omega Power to discover the items effects.

While traversing dungeons events will trigger called “passion awakening”. This will send one of the characters into an delusional state featuring her in an embarrassing situation. The player will be given the instructions to touch the girl in the right spots which will get more omega power. If you touch the character in all the right places she will enter a “passion incense” mode which in turn triggers a “shyness break” which will display the girl in more lewd scenes.

Omega Labyrinth

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