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Review Disclaimer: This review will contain very little spoilers.

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The first six episodes of Lerche’s, School Live!, were full of surprises, drama, action, and heart ache, but how can such a slice of life anime contain so much while maintaining an engaging story and cast of characters? What ever it is, it seems director, Masaomi Ando, has figured out a way to deliver an anime that could of been lost in a sea of other anime that attempt the same thing, but are easily forgotten.


So far, School Live!, has four main characters, Yuki Takeya, Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Yuri Wakasa, and Miki Naoki. These four girls live at their school and form a club called, The School Living Club. They each rely on each other to get through the day and help out on areas that the others might not be so strong in. Yuki brings the energy and boosts moral when it’s at it’s lowest. She is very clumsy and air headed, but she doesn’t let that bring her down as she rushes from class to class, often arriving late. Yuki has had the most trouble adjusting to school living and suffers from delusions. Kurumi is very strong and although she has been through distressing moments she keeps it together for the sake of the club and works hard to keep them safe. Yuri is the President of the club. She is often cooking for the other members and providing heart felt talks that bring the girls out of their lowest moments. Miki is the newest member of the group. She is still getting used to Yuki, but cares about every member the same. There is also a teacher that stays at the school her name is Megumi Sakura. She is teacher who deeply cares about her students and loves to teach. She is always helping Yuki with her studies and keeping her from getting into too much trouble.


Now the question that should be asked is: Why are these girls living at school? And there’s a very reasonable answer. The town is over run by zombies. Yes, this is another zombie anime, but nothing like you’ve seen in the past ieHigh school of the Dead. The anime does not focus on the zombie outbreak as much as it does following these girls and watching how they survive. Their team work and dedication to their friends are what make this anime so powerful in tense situations. The anime features a three episode flashback arch starting on episode four explaining how they found Miki and just how deeply hurt Yuki is due to the outbreak. There are multiple moments in this arc where you see first-hand the troubles these girls are facing when dealing with the zombies, but they still find time to visit a clothing store in a zombie infested mall and try on bathing suits because they are girls after all.

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I will definitely be sticking with School Live! and following these girls to the conclusion of their adventure, whatever it may be. The full season review will be written after the final episode, episode twelve.


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