Mary Skelter Nightmares | Complete Series
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Oprainfall Plays – Mary Skelter Nightmares – The Complete Series

Mary Skelter Nightmares | Complete Series
Wondering if Mary Skelter Nightmares is for you or just want to see Benny make several silly mistakes? Then take a look at our series of videos covering the game up to Chapter 3.

Hey there everyone!

Courtesy of Idea Factory International, we were able to take a do an introductory Let’s Play of Mary Skelter Nightmares before the game was even released.

This series of videos goes from the start of the game and concludes at the start of Chapter 4. While we only cover about the first 1/3 of the game here, it should hopefully give you an idea as to the Nightmares that await you inside of “Jail”. That or hopefully some entertainment as I run around making obvious mistakes.

Below is a playlist featuring all 13 episodes of the journey as well as the 14th which is an opinion piece about the experience and game to that point.

If instead, you’d like to check out each post, which has some additional thoughts and notes, you can find the links to those posts below:

Also be sure to check out our interviews with Idea Factory International regarding the localization of Mary Skelter Nightmares and our interview with Atsushi Ishizuka who is the director of the game:

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