Sisters: Last Day of Summer | Fireworks
Title Sisters: Last Day of Summer
Developer Jellyfish
Publisher JAST
Release Date June 3rd, 2024
Genre Visual Novel
Platform PC
Age Rating AA on Steam, 18+ in the JAST Store
Official Website

I took a look at the latest release from JAST, Sisters: Last Day Of Summer. This one looked very interesting since it was fully animated and featured two very cute girls. I thought this one would be pretty shallow, nothing but sexy time! That wasn’t the case however, as I found something a bit greater here. Let’s dig in and I’ll share some details.

Sisters Last Day of Summer | Phone

The story here begins with an accident. A person is hit while riding a bicycle and seriously injured. Then the protagonist wakes up in small country house with a busty woman named Akiko. She is very welcoming to this young man and shares many details about her life with him, including the passing of her husband. She soon leaves the home to go on a trip and leaves him in the care of her two daughters, Haruka and Chika. While the three get to know each other, a summer mystery will unravel itself and you will learn a lot more about all of the characters involved here.

Sisters Last Day of Summer | Lunch

Since this is a mystery style story I don’t want to go into great detail here and spoil things, but I will say it is a very slow burn. You will wonder what is going on until way up into the story, and honestly a re-read helps clear things up a bit more. The story here is certainly more focused on Chika, but Haruka plays a very important role as well. I feel like the pay off is good enough to hang out until the end, but I can see why some would tap out early due to the pacing of the story.

Sisters Last Day of Summer | Akiko

Sisters: Last Day of Summer is fully animated and feels more like an interactive anime rather than a standard visual novel. Everything here is drawn very well with plenty of details for the player to catch as the story progresses. The animation is pretty smooth, but the CG house looks rough among all the beautiful artwork here, though it really doesn’t detract from the overall experience. There are some fantastic H-scenes that are fully uncensored and really drive home the emotional impact of the story, though I feel one in particular was unnecessary and kinda made the protagonist come off like a dick.

Sisters Last Day of Summer | Fireworks

There isn’t much music to speak of here. Most of the music is played during story scenes where the characters have actual instruments. I wish the game did have more music, since what is here is top tier. Other than those moments, you are treated to some fine voice acting from the fantastic cast. They really bring these characters to life and drive home the emotional moments in this story.

Sisters Last Day of Summer | Love

In the end I don’t think Sisters: Last Day Of Summer is for everyone. If you enjoy a good mystery or high quality, fully animated H-scenes you will find a lot to love here. If you’re not a fan of stories with slow pacing you may end up putting this one down before you ever get to the best parts of it. I feel like the game should’ve featured a bit more music, but what is here is fantastic and was used very wisely to advance the plot as well. The game lasts about five hours and will put you back $24.99, which I think is fair for a visual novel of this quality.

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