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Episode 9: To the Temple! …or Not.

Welcome back to more Mary Skelter Nightmares!

Today we set off for the Temple area and end up running into trouble almost right away. Upon returning to base to heal up, we discover that several new story events have opened up.

Our chats with various members of the Dawn reveal a few interesting tidbits about our allies. In addition, we make a stop by the Order of the Sun to talk a bit more with Michiru and learn an unsettling truth about the food supply.

Finally, we head back to the Temple in an attempt to make some progress. Will it end well? We can only hope.

Additional Thoughts and Notes

Apologies for suddenly delving back into the plot right in the middle of the episode there. I didn’t expect all those events to open up once we got back to base. Hopefully tomorrow we can get through the rest of Area 1. Gotta admit the enemies here are a step up from what we’ve been dealing with.

Also, I did cut my attempt at the purge mini-game since I couldn’t figure out the controls. I’m sure it’s probably simpler than I realize and I’ll play with it off camera a bit before I show another attempt. Hopefully, in a few days, I can show some footage of it.

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