Mary Skelter Nightmares

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Episode 4: The Will to Fight

Welcome back to more Mary Skelter Nightmares!

Today, we head back to the Liberated District to report our successful takedown of a Nightmare. Which means that this particular episode is all story-centric stuff, though we do get introduced to a few new elements.

Upon returning back to base, and getting scolded by the Professor for bringing Jack, we begin Chapter 2 proper as Jack searches for a way to make himself useful in combat. Thankfully, Haru is able to convince Miko to assist him in creating Jack’s personal weapon: the Mary Gun. Before it can be completed, however, disaster strikes.

Two more Blood Maidens arrive and report that Thumbelina has been captured by the Nightmare in the Graveyard. Not wanting to waste any time Red Riding Hood and Alice head off to rescue her. In the meantime, Jack gets outfitted with the Mary Gun, which runs off his own blood. With his new weapon in hand, Jack sets out with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty as they hurry to catch up… or possibly rescue the rescue party.

Additional Thoughts and Notes

First off, apologies for all the stuttering and flubbed lines. I had recorded this right after getting back from work (graveyard shift) so I was kinda out of it. Lesson learned, coffee first, then record. >_<

That said, this part was interesting in the fact that it sowed a lot of seeds of doubt in my mind regarding everyone’s intentions. The relationship between the Professor, Miko, Haruand the Blood Maidens is certainly one of necessity. Everyone needs each other for various reasons, but I’m really starting to question everyone’s ulterior motives. Yeah, they need the Blood Maidens but do they really have their best interests in mind or are they ready to turn on them or even sacrifice them to escape Jail? Time will tell.

I’m also quite curious to see how the Mary Gun works in battle. So far Jack’s been good for intercepting attacks with his face and stuffing food in everyone’s mouth mid-battle. He’s not a bad character by any means, but gameplay-wise he could really use more utility. Let’s see if the Mary Gun allows for that.

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