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Oprainfall Plays – Mary Skelter Nightmares – 06

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this video are those of the host and not of Operation Rainfall as a whole.

Episode 6: Traps, Battles, and a Nightmare

Welcome back to more Mary Skelter Nightmares!

Today we continue our trek through the Graveyard. After running into trouble with trying to reunite the party in the last episode, we have try our hand at Area 2 of the Graveyard.

However, the Marchen decide to come out in force this time as they attack us constantly as the Nightmare continues to stalk us. On top of that, we run right into a rather nasty trap Jail left out for us.

Poor Jack’s gonna be getting some use out of that Mary Gun today it looks like.

Additional Thoughts and Notes

Wow, that poison field. Just wow.

That really caught me by surprise when it shouldn’t have. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention to how many squares away I was from the edge of the field and wandered into it. Just proves how useful Alice’s “Rabbit Hole” is, huh?

As for the rest of the floor, there was just a lot of random encounters here. Not sure if I was getting unlucky or what, but I cut out about 20 min of footage from this episode of random fights. At least the partying leveling pretty quickly though. At least the Nightmare didn’t prove to be a major problem, though it did surprise me near the end there.

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