Mary Skelter Nightmares | The Area That Never Ends

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Episode 12: The Area That Never Ends

Welcome back to more Mary Skelter Nightmares!

Today we decide to do the impossible and tackle all Area 2! The Temple proves to be quite a massive place as we look for hidden rooms and solve puzzles to burn open blockades. In addition, Kaguya finally joins us as we let Sleeping Beauty take a much-deserved nap.

Get ready for a long one everyone, time to slay some Marchen and fill in our map.


Additional Thoughts and Notes

Well, this wasn’t exactly my brightest idea.

When I started this series my hope was that I could keep each area in one video. That way if anyone was trying to use these as a guide it’d be easy to just find a video of that area. The maps though are just starting to get too large to do that now. I’ll probably just stick to getting to the next warp point and filling in the map up to that point.

As for the episode itself, as you can see there were quite a lot of battles. I was able to cut out about an hour of footage, which were redundant fights, using the auto-move, and figuring out the puzzles.  Still, you have to admire just how complex these Areas are.

Tomorrow, we start Area 3 and possibly take down a core. See you then!

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