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NSFW Warning: The following article contains links to several titles that contain adult situations. Reader Discretion is advised.

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The final convention of the year for MangaGamer brings lots of updates

Last week was AnimeNYC and MangaGamer was there to show the love to eroge and visual novel fans. In fact, the publisher had quite a few announcements and release dates to talk about and I’ve been giving my thoughts on them through the week. Be sure to check the articles below for more details.

MangaGamer also gave several updates on their ongoing projects. Here’s a quick list of titles that are listed as being 100% done in terms of translation and editing:

Of these titles, the only two listed as releasing this year are Imouto Paradise 2 and Umineko: Golden Fantasia. That leaves us with a sneak peek at what 2018 is looking like and it looks good. There are several titles in this list I’m looking forward to myself. Particularly A Kiss for the Petals – Maidens of Michael, If You Love Me, Then Say So!, Magical Marriage Lunatics, Evenicle, and The Most Forbbiden Love in the World. While that does handle all the AnimeNYC announcements, there’s one more thing I should mention here and that’s MangaGamer’s current sales.

At the moment MangaGamer is running their annual Hardcopy sale and is taking part in Steams Autumn sale. Check out both articles below for a breakdown of the deals and recommendations:

That’s everything! Be sure to take a look at the Press Release below for trailers and more info directly from MangaGamer themselves.

November 20th, 2017–MangaGamer Announces Two New Titles at AnimeNYC!

There’s a lot of new titles coming out in time for the holidays, and MangaGamer’s here to provide on the Visual Novel front, announcing two new titles as well as multiple upcoming releases this weekend at Anime NYC!

With Kuroinu chapter 2 and the Answer Arcs of Umineko released just last night, it’s a huge surprise that MangaGamer followed up with announcements for a release date on Umineko: Golden Fantasia, the fan-favorite fighting game based on the original series!

Drawing from the highly-acclaimed visual novel, this 2D tag-team fighting game features 19 different characters from the series that can be paired to create a wide variety of different match-ups! Combine meta world abilities and fighting styles between partners to create your best tag-team for crushing the competition! Change-up your tag-outs to control the flow the battle–whether pressing an attack, halting a rushdown, escaping from potential stun or guard break, or to recover chip damage–timing your tag is an important key to victory!

Featuring both story mode and multiplayer, competitive play, Golden Fantasia CROSS will be coming to both MangaGamer and Steam this December 8th!

Speaking of fan-favorites, fans of Princess Evangile won’t be let down this holiday season with a brand new hardcopy of Princess Evangile W Happiness shipping on December 15th with a limited edition Rise wallscroll available to grab as well! Pre-order now before supplies run out!

Of course, no holiday season’s complete without something a little sexy as well, and it’s time to deck the halls for little sisters with Imouto Paradise 2, sequel to the original hit coming out on December 22nd!

Fans of little sisters and Imouto Paradise will love this new addition to the series, since incest runs in the family! After Shoichirou and his little sisters shacked up in the wake of Imouto Paradise, they began raising their new family together. And now, with the parents away on an extended vacation, the new generation of siblings follow in their family’s footsteps, showing their love for each other in deep, heart-pounding new ways!

But that’s not all! Newly announced from MangaGamer comes Sweet Switch and Bitter Exclusion, developed by Ammolite.

Sometimes people just can’t help the way they’re born. Some have looks that are stuck in an angry glare, winning them fear from their compatriots despite their best intentions. Some have bodies that secretly grow excited under a powerful gaze. Put them together and hijinks ensure! Sick of the constant affect Ryuuichi has on her, Sara Lafarge coerces him into the council to build up her resistance, but can she really withstand such a powerfully arousing glare even further up close? Or will the council room gain all new uses in Sweet Switch ~When Our Eyes Meet, My Body Melts~?

Remember when you were young, and thought everybody in class hated you? That they were all having hot sex behind your back? Well, for Bitter Exclusion‘s Shouhei, that’s no delusion! His best friends are fakers who decided to cut loose and have sex behind his back because of their mutual disdain for him. Will Shouhei be able to survive and finish, or will he end up being the “butt” of something more?

Both of those sexy romps will be something to look forward to in the coming year!

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