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A VN developer and publisher team-up to make a release a fighting game.

While fighting games based on visual novels are nothing new, it’s not every day we see these two companies, in particular, teaming up to bring us one.

That said, MangaGamer and 07th Expansion have formed a tag-team of their own and they look set to take on all opponents with Umineko: Golden Fantasia.

Released originally in 2010 as Umineko: Golden Fantasia and then updated to Golden Fantasia Cross (The version we’ll be getting) in 2011, this particular fighter has the distinction of being based on the Umineko series of visual novels from 07th Expansion.

Umineko | Murder-mystery
Umineko is at its core a mystery game. A very horrific mystery, but a mystery nonetheless.

What exactly is Umineko? Well, in short, it’s the story of an annual family get-together gone horribly wrong. There’s a fortune involved, a Golden Witch, and a murder or two. We’ve reviewed the first half of the game (Question Arcs) and you can find my two write-ups of the second half (Answer Arcs) here and here. But that just raises the question. How do you turn a murder-mystery into a fighting game? Via touching of course!

The “Touch System” is this game’s unique mechanic. Essentially it’s a more complex version of partner-switching that gives you certain advantages. You can only switch out characters when the touch gauge is full. When you activate the touch system determines what kind of touch happens. For example, if you utilize your touch gauge when taking damage you’ll not only swap characters but generate a small barrier to give you some breathing room. You’ll need to utilize this system well since it’s key to activating abilities.

Umineko: Golden Fantasia | TOuching
That’s not quite the touching I was talking about… ouch.

Each character has a special ability that is activated when the touch system is used. The character swapping out activates the ability and the character swapping in receives its benefit. This allows for some interesting strategy, however, you’ll need to use it well since you share and HP and SP gauge between both characters. What kind of awesome super moves can you do with that SP gauge you might ask? How about summoning another world to fight in?

Umineko: Golden Fantasia | Finger Pointing
Careful Phoenix, Battler knows how to weaponize his pointer finger too.

The last big system in Umineko: Golden Fantasia is the “Meta World”. The Meta World not only activates both character’s abilities, but it also allows you to unleash “SP Supers” and “Meta Supers”. Essentially your hardest hitting moves. Only one Meta World can be active at a time so be careful. You wouldn’t want your opponent to cancel yours and go on the offensive after all.

Umineko: Golden Fantasia will be releasing on Steam December 8th. The game will feature local and online multiplayer, Steam achievements, and of course a single-player story mode.

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