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Princess Evangile W Happiness | Hardcopy
The sequel to an awesome romance eroge is getting a physical release!

MangaGamer had some awesome news for Princess Evangile fans over the weekend. Princess Evangile W Happiness is getting a physical release!

For those who have not heard of Princess Evangile, I’d recommend you take a look at my review of the game. However, in short, it’s a very well-done romance VN/eroge by developer MOONSTONE featuring a young man who ends up attending an all-girls school. The reason? The school is thinking of going co-ed and needs a “sample” student to even see if the all-female population can handle the idea. As cliche as it may sound, it’s actually a pretty deep story. That brings us to W Happiness.

Princess Evangile W Happiness | I Challenge You to A Date!
Only Konomi would somehow think that asking to date someone is like challenging them to a duel and it is adorable.

(Japanese shorthand for the word “double”) Happiness is the fan-disc to Princess Evangile. I go into more detail about the game here, but in short, it’s basically a sequel and what-if scenario at the same time. Princess Evangile had four heroines you could romance and their stories do continue here. However, a big draw of W Happiness is that you can date several other girls that didn’t have routes in the original game. These are the what-if scenarios in the game and what most interested me.

I haven’t had a chance to play much of W Happiness (I’m currently finishing Hadaka Shitsuji) but I have played through Konomi’s route and most of Ruriko’s. So far, I’ve been enjoying it and just need to find time to sit down and read through the rest. Personal thoughts aside, let’s take a look at the actual physical edition, shall we?

Princess Evangile W Happiness | Happiness
Ruriko’s really been looking forward to this announcement.

The game itself will come in a standard DVD Case with a reversible cover, a Steam key card, and of course the game itself. In addition, there’s an 18+ wallscroll of Rise available for purchase either separately or as part of a bundle. You’ll have to check MangaGamer’s site for an image, but it’s pretty tasteful I think.

You can pre-order your hardcopy of Princess Evangile W Happiness or the Rise wallscroll using the links below:

Princess Evangile W Happiness releases on December 15.

Happy Romancing!

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