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NSFW Warning: The following title is intended for adults due to sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. 

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Clearly, these are the best friends you could ever have.

MangaGamer and Ammolite are teaming up for an interesting premise:

Remember when you were young, and thought everybody in class hated you? That they were all having hot sex behind your back? Well, for Bitter Exclusion‘s Shouhei, that’s no delusion! His best friends are fakers who decided to cut loose and have sex behind his back because of their mutual disdain for him. Will Shouhei be able to survive and finish, or will he end up being the “butt” of something more?

That’s quite an interesting idea. Even more so if they can actually capture the emotions involved with finding out about such a situation. However, let’s stop discussing hypotheticals and look at some quick facts.

Released on September 20, 2013, under the title Haburare. Bitter Exclusion is developed by Ammolite and is the second of two titles that were announced at AnimeNYC last week by MangaGamer. While we don’t know a lot about the title at the moment, we do know a little about Ammolite. Namely, we’ve reviewed another of their titles, Sweet Sweat in Summer If that title can tell us anything, it’s that Ammolite likes their eroge content and that they do work to make the user experience a simple one. Both good points. Beyond that, we need to make some assumptions though. So, let’s take a look at the what VNDB has to say about the two heroines.

Bitter Exclusion | Izumi Kaho
Izumi Kaho looks to be your average beautiful high-school girl.

First is Izumi Kaho. Obviously, from just her profile picture, she certainly looks like like a friendly popular high-school girl. However, considering the nature of this game, I’m gonna assume she can be quite mean despite the welcoming smile. In fact, I’d have to imagine she’s probably the one pulling the strings behind Shouhei. That brings us to our second heroine, Nonohara Aoi.

Bitter Exclusion | Nonohara Aoi
The sweet childhood friend?

Nonohara Aoi is Shouhei’s childhood friend it seems. However, there does seem to be a connection between her and Kaho, especially as the two have some scenes together. Even still, my biggest question is why Aoi would want to go this far to bully Shouhei? Does she genuinely dislike him, or perhaps is she trying to toughen him up? We’ll just have to see once the game is released.

Bitter Exclusion currently has no release date, however, we’ll keep you posted about any updates.


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