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NSFW WARNING: The following article is about a game intended for adults due to strong sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. 

Kuroinu | Featured

Looks like it’s time for Vult to resume his dreams of subjugation and dominance. Kuroinu Chapter 2 has finally arrived from MangaGamer and developer Liquid.

In case you missed our review of the first chapter or my previous news post about Kuroinu Chapter 2 allow me to briefly explain what’s going on.

Kuroinu Chapter 1 Vult
Vult, the man who bends anyone and everyone to his will

Vult is the leader of a group known as the “Black Dogs”. His incredible skill, intelligence, and desire for what wants lead him to found his own utopia called “Cuntry”. There is one very important rule in Cuntry however. In fact, it’s the first article of their constitution. All women will use their bodies to serve any man and in any way he desires. Thus begins Vult’s quest to grind those he sees fit under his heel. Speaking of which, we should talk about the three women featured in this chapter.

Kuroinu Chapter 2 | Alicia
Not a lot of armor there for a knight, then again it does make her look a bit like a princess plus maybe she’s just that good with a blade. Problem is Vult’s better.

First is Alicia, aka Princess Knight Iris. The daughter of a powerful family, she decided instead of using that influence to grant her a cushy life, she’d become the leader of the Holy Iris Chivalric Order with her own two hands. As such she’s respected by many and very hard on those who would turn their back from knighthood. She also seems to have a strong distaste for Vult.

Kuroinu Chapter 2 | Prim
Why do I get the feeling some very bad things are going to happen you?

Second is Prim, Princess of the Blossoming Moon. Prim just looks like the kind of girl you want to hug and protect. However, due to her looks she also apparently tends to awaken the more sadistic side in certain people. Many people I’m sure Vult knows. However, Prim has a strong will and isn’t one to cry despite how she looks. Part of this is because she looks up to Alicia who is her cousin.

Kuroinu Chapter 2 | Kaguya
Certainly an odd garb for a priestess. Doesn’t she know you’re supposed to keep your stomach covered and warm?

Finally, there is Kaguya. Kaguya is a priestess who has devoted herself entirely to her god. Because of this she is very quiet and wants little to do with the outside world, caring only for her fellow priestess. While certainly quiet and mysterious there may just be something that lies beyond that pretty face of hers.

Kuroinu Chapter 2 is available right now from MangaGamer for $24.95. MangaGamer also posted an update on the progress of Kuroinu Chapter 3 on their Twitter account over the weekend.

Please see the Press Release below for more info about Kuroinu Chapter 2 and check out the game’s product page for images.

Happy Dominating!

November 17th, 2017–MangaGamer Release Kuroinu Chapter 2!

One of the most requested adult titles from our fans, Kuroinu is the tale of a dark fantasy where men, mercenaries, and monsters pillage, plunder, and violate the beautiful women of the countries they invade. After crushing the dark elves in battle, Vult seizes their territory to form a nation of his own–Cuntry, a kingdom in which all women are subjugated and compelled to serve the sexual desires of their male masters. With no limit to his ambition, Vult soon turns traitor and marches on the very Alliance that hired him–seeking to end the wars by bringing everyone under his heel.

In this second chapter of the tale, Vult turns his attentions on three leaders of factions who opposed him, intent on breaking them into their new way of life. Oh, how the mighty will fall at the hands of those they scorned, and those who once loved them!

Available now only on MangaGamer!

Kuroinu Chapter 2

Article 1 of the “Cuntry” constitution:
The women of this country will gladly use their bodies to diligently serve all men and their respective desires.

Dark elves, high elves, haflings, humans!

Princess knights, female mercenaries, holy knights, queens, princesses, goddesses, priestesses!

Rail and assault the various pitiable, cute heroines as much as you please.

Vult’s rule and domination continues here in the second chapter, with all new princesses!

Kuroinu Chapter 2
Developer: Liquid
Genre: Adventure
Price: $24.95
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Text Language: English
Age Rating: 18+


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