Mario Kart 8 - Sherbet Land (GCN) | Retro Wrap-Up: Snowed-In Edition

It seems it’s tough to escape the Winter weather these days. Over the past few weeks, the northeastern United States has gotten approximately a bazillion inches of snow, and eastern Canada hasn’t fared much better. More recently, the deep freeze has hit the mid-west and stretched down into many southern states, covering those areas with snow as well.

With the arctic descended upon us, this week would be a good time for the Retro Wrap-Up to examine games that give us that icy, snowy chill. It’s pretty standard fare for games to have an ice level. There’s world 4 of Super Mario Bros. 2, Gorilla Glacier in Donkey Kong Country, the skiing mini-game in Twilight Princess, the snowboarding mini-game in Final Fantasy VII, and various Mario Kart tracks, to name just a few. However, with this deep freeze we’re all feeling, it’s not enough to have just a single level filled with ice and snow. Therefore, the oprainfall Retro Commercial Research Team–in other words, me–dug deep to find TV moments from games that are entirely Winter-based. Games like this generally aren’t popular enough to get advertised on the small screen, so we have to reach to the international market for some of these.

All I know is, if the eight-foot high mound of snow in my yard gets any bigger, I’m gonna hollow it out and build a fort inside of it. Actually, that sounds fun, I might do that anyway.

Here are the highlights from the past week:




NIS America held a press event this week and oprainfall was in attendance. Azario and Karli from the Total Control Podcast got a chance to check out the goings on and even recorded a special episode from the event, which includes an interview with Danganronpa director, Yoshinori Terasawa.

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Eric Chetkauskas
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