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Rodea the Sky Soldier Headed West this Fall

Rodea the Sky Soldier

Remember that cool game by the maker of Sonic called Rodea the Sky Soldier? The one that was in development limbo seemingly forever and then announced to be coming out in Japan, with no mention of a Western release? Well, wait no longer, as Rodea the Sky Soldier is officially heading to the West for the Wii U and 3DS Fall 2015! This is straight out of the NISA press event happening right now in San Francisco.

While I am terribly curious whether or not the different versions of the game will play differently or have different content, I am very excited that it is finally confirmed to be coming here. I love unique games, and the style of Rodea so far has me captivated. Stay tuned to oprainfall for more updates as they come about this game and all other NIS related info! And thanks to Azario and Karli for keeping us in the loop live!

Here are some screen shots from the Japanese version of the game.

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