Corpse Party: Blood Covered …Repeated Fear | Teaser Image

Just recently, 5pb. announced a remake of their successful PSP survival horror game Corpse Party for the 3DS. The remake will be titled Corpse Party: Blood Covered …Repeated Fear. A teaser site has been launched by the company as well. Although right now there’s not much on it.

The site suggests a 2015 release date for Corpse Party: Blood Covered …Repeated Fear, although nothing specific has been announced as of yet. Likewise, it’s unknown whether or not a western release will forthcoming.

The game of the Corpse Party series have primarily been released on Windows and PlayStation systems in the past, so this should be a welcome treat for any survival horror fans who own a 3DS. Since Corpse Party: Blood Covered …Repeated Fear will be a remake of the first game, perhaps if this game is successful 3DS owners can look forward to playing the other games in the series for their 3DS.


Colin Malone
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