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Those who argue about the power levels of Monkey D. Luffy and Ichigo Kurosaki were no doubt excited at hearing that they could settle the issue themselves with the fact that the brawler J-Stars Victory VS+ would see Western shores. After all, what anime fan wouldn’t love a game where you could have Goku and Jonathan Joestar team up to fight Shishio Makoto and Frieza? Unfortunately, there was also the fear that Western players would receive a gutted version of the original game. It’s a reasonable fear. Japanese games have been modified before for numerous reasons and this game seemed like it was ripe for it. Not only are there numerous characters owned by different companies that seem like a lawsuit bonanza, but there are numerous characters that one could see being removed simply for not being well-known enough.

Well, you can stand relieved because a poster on NeoGAF revealed a video that confirms that your favorite character from that manga you read that you’ve been trying to get that cute girl in your civics class to read too will be in there as well. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, we still have no way to determine if Goku could beat Superman or not. Maybe it will be DLC.


Jerry Hrechka
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