Magic Knight Rayearth | Foreign Wrap-Up: Anime Edition

We cover not just games, but anime as well. For this reason, I’ve been looking for a way to have an anime-focused edition of the Retro Wrap-Up for a while. Unfortunately, aside from a handful of Toonami spots, anime in the West just isn’t advertised on television. I thought about focusing on Japan, as anime is promoted there, but those ads are mostly the promo spots you find on the DVD (or VHS tape if you’re an old fart like me).

However, I found something just as worthy: games based upon anime series. Many anime series have received video game adaptations over the years. The diversity in the genres is vast, including action-adventure games, RPGs, space shooters, and visual novels. Some of the more well-known franchises seem to get a new iteration for each console generation. And of course, only the ones based on the most popular series get localized.

Anime games aren’t advertised much here either, so we go back to Japan where the are some interesting TV moments that the oprainfall Retro Commercial Research Team–in other words, me–has unearthed. Don’t be shy and let us know what your favorite retro games from anime are, or just share your favorite retro anime series. It’s all good.

Here are the highlights from the past week.




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Eric Chetkauskas
Eric has been playing video games for longer than he can remember. His interests skew toward retro games with an emphasis on Japanese RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Dragon Quest series.