Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna combat

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna combat

Square Enix has updated the official website for their upcoming 1990’s-style JRPG Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna from their new developer Tokyo RPG Factory. The new information in the update includes new details about the game’s combat system as well as two new characters.

According to the website, Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna will use the Active Time Battle (ATB) hybrid real-time menu-based system introduced in Final Fantasy IV, and used in all subsequent Final Fantasy games up to IX, as well as some other Square RPGs of the time including Chrono Trigger and a variant used in Xenogears.

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna’s system is apparently most derived from the version in Chrono Trigger, named “ATB 2.0”, where characters’ positioning on the battlefield determines what kinds of techniques they can use and how they’ll hit their targets.

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Setsuna Gauge

In addition, combat will use a new Setsuna System, or “Moment System”, where players can use timed button presses to improve attack effectiveness during battle. Whenever certain events occur, such as performing actions, taking damage, or waiting after the ATB gauge fills completely, characters’ circular “Setsuna Gauge” will fill up. When the gauge is full, players can trigger extra effects on their attacks with timed button presses specific to each technique. The added effects vary between abilities, and include extra damage if used on a regular attack or certain skills, or others like hitting multiple times, slight recovery, or landing a critical hit. The whole thing reminds me somewhat of use of timed button presses in Mario-series RPGs, except more fleshed out and situational.

The website also added two new characters:


Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Kuon

Before Setsuna became the “sacrifice,” Kuon was a traveler of many mysteries who visited the village. Now, as a soldier representing the escort group, she has the faithful trust of the villagers, and is adored as a sister by Setsuna. She is invested in the journey more than anyone else and due to her strong sense of responsibility, she absolutely cannot fail her duty. She often has at it with the silent hero, whose mind she can’t read.


Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna Yomii

An experienced swordsman who was part of the escort group on the journey of a previous “sacrifice.” He is usually more cheery than necessary, and is thought to be a fool by everyone in the “Garrison.” Taking advantage of his previous experience, he’s the man to go to for advice in the escort group. Considering Setsuna’s safety his number one priority just as he did about Tsukushi, he turns sides and joins the party.

Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna is slated for release on February 8, 2016 in Japan on PS Vita and PlayStation 4. No word on a western release has come out so far.


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