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Famitsu revealed that SEGA has just given us all hope for a much better future in video games with their dual announcements of not only a brand new Valkyria title, called Valkyria: Azure Revolution (which you can read about here), but also the reveal that they are remastering Valkyria Chronicles for PS4.  You’ll have to dig in to your foxhole until winter of 2016 to experience V:AR, but you only have to wait three paltry months if you want to experience Valkyria Chronicles Remaster.

I know what you’re all thinking:  “ANOTHER HD remake!?” But try and exercise some patience in this regard if you can find it in you.  Valkyria Chronicles is a masterfully constructed turn based military RPG with wonderful characters, a gripping story about political and social divides, the mythology of a forgotten history and a heartfelt message about war, the devastation it can cause and the hope that can spring from the most desperate of circumstances. It’s also a fondly remembered niche title that never gained much traction with general audiences, either on PS3 or on PC, where it’s currently available on Steam. Why am I bringing all this up?  Well, while I have the pulpit I’ll make it perfectly clear:  this game deserved better. There were even 2 PSP sequels that were superior to the first title in some ways, but we here in the west only got one of them. Hardcore fans, like myself, also found ways to watch the anime adaptation of the first game.

This Valkyria Chronicles dual announcement shows SEGA still believes in this IP, and why shouldn’t they? It has everything it needs to succeed and just needs the right platform to take it beyond niche status while still remaining true to its core principles as a series. A HD remaster of the first game on current hardware gives an entire new audience a chance not only to experience the foundation of the series’ lore, history and mythology, but it allows them to play on the most sophisticated hardware on the market. The iron is getting hot again and SEGA believes it’s time to strike.

The Famitsu coverage has also provided us with a number of screenshots for the upcoming HD remaster, and we bring them to you right here so you can see for yourself what the excitement’s all about.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered | Title

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Valkyria Chronicles Remaster is coming to Sony PS4 in Japan on February 10, 2016, developed and published by SEGA. People that buy this HD remaster will also be treated to a demo for the upcoming Valkyria: Azure Revolution. There is no word yet on a western release but this is definitely one we’ll be watching for. As soon as we have any information for you, we’ll be sure to let you know.




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