Nendoroid N | oprainfall

Good Smile Company is on a roll with these Pokémon Nendoroids. First, we had Nendoroid Red from Pokémon Red and Blue last year, then Cynthia from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl earlier this September, and now we have N from Pokémon Black and White. The mysterious N comes packed with a few accessories; a Pokéball, a pointing hand, a hand to hold the Pokéball, different shoulder pieces, a moving right leg piece and two interchangeable faceplates, serious and smiling. Like Cynthia, his most notable accessory is his dragon of choice, Reshiram. Reshiram is actually fully articulated, just like Cynthia’s Garchomp.

Nendoroid N was originally exclusive to Japan markets, but can now be purchased from either the official Pokémon Center website, or Amazon. N retails for $49.99 on both sites. Good Smile Company states that they may reveal another Pokémon Nendoroid soon, though it is unknown who it may be or from what specific game it may be.


Arvind Radakrishnan
Arvind is a YouTube Let's Player who aspires to become a future programmer in a gaming company. He enjoys doing many things game related from cosplay, collectibles, making videos of them and some variants of games. He plays action/adventure, survival horror, and RPGs mainly.