Shadow of the Ninja Reborn

Shadow of the Ninja reborn | screenshot

SEGA Asia and Natsume Atari have released a new trailer for their upcoming release Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn. This is the fourth of the “16-bit style remakes” Tengo Project have worked on following Pocky and Rocky Reshrined, the Ninja Saviors and Wild Guns Reloaded. Below is a description of the game from SEGA Asia’s youtube channel.


The Supreme 16-bit Aesthetic Brand new NINJA ACTION!

TENGO PROJECTO 16-bit remake 4th work「Shadow of the Ninja」Special trailer released.

Experience the magic of “TENGO PROJECT,” the innovative creators renowned for their unforgettable 16-bit revivals like “Pocky & Rocky Reshrined”! Prepare for the 4th chapter of their newest classical Ninja action!

In a distant future, there exists a legendary Ninja…
Race through the dark skyscrapers, unleash ninja skills to defeat the threats of tanks and robots!
Liberate humanity from the tyranny of the Four Demonic Generals! Experience super realism in classical gaming!

Confront formidable foes using a range of dynamic maneuvers, mastering 7 ninja weapons and unleashing special ninjutsu!
Jump into challenging battles with an ally with co-op mode!

With the original “KAGE: Shadow of the Ninja” (titled ”SHADOW OF NINJA” in North America and “BLUE SHADOW” in Europe) launched in 1990, Natsume earned its stripes as the master of action games – now, that same creative team brings you the newest chapter in the series

・Acclaimed composer Iku Mizutani scores the immersive soundscape of this game, drawing from his experience on beloved classics like KAGE: Shadow of the Ninja, Shatterhand, and the Metabots franchise.

・Following the original version, Dynamic Planning crafts vibrant key visuals and character designs, celebrated for their iconic contributions to Mazinger Z and Grendizer.


Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn will be launching in Japan and Asia on August 29th for PlayStation 5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Physical versions will be distributed by SEGA in those regions. This release will also support multiple languages including English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


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