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Time to flex those mind muscles with the release of Staffer Reborn! The name may be familiar to you, and that’s because this is a spin-off to Team Tetrapod’s 2023 release of Staffer Case. A mystery visual novel with a very charming art style set in 1960’s London. Now this may be a spin-off, but don’t be deceived as it has a lot to offer. Explore a really intriguing case surrounding the curiosities of immortality for at a little cost of your time and wallet. That’s right, I said little cost because you can experience this at $2.69 over on Steam right now. If this setting is to your liking and haven’t played the Staffer series: Please consider the Staffer Series Detective Pack for a small price of $13.21! Synopsis and more right below, let us know what you think!

So what’s Staffer Reborn about?

The Lieutenant, a man with the supernatural ability to resurrect, has reached the end of his life and awaits death from old age. However, his revival ability steals this natural death from him, sticking him in a cycle where his old age kills him every fifteen minutes. Players must step into the shoes of the investigator who takes the case, investigate the Lieutenant’s ability, and help him achieve eternal rest.

And what about Staffer Case?

Staffer Case is a new sort of mystery game, asking players to find clues, arrange them into documents, and point out the contradictions between them to solve a series of murders.

The game is set in a fictional version of London in the 1960s where 10% of all residents have some sort of supernatural ability. In this city, incidents involving staffers, the people who have these abilities, are constantly occurring.

Players take the role of the Mana Affairs Division’s newest detective, Notrick, in order to make sense of these incidents. Since the tricks buried within these staffer cases, at their core, revolve around the supernatural abilities of these criminals, conventional investigative methods won’t be enough to solve them. Instead, players will have to rely on the documents that explain what their suspects’ abilities entail in order to make sense of everything.

Fortunately, it’s not only the criminals who have these supernatural abilities. All of Notrick’s fellow detectives at the Mana Affairs Division are also staffers (Excepting gumshoe Notrick himself, of course!) The senior detectives use their supernatural abilities to investigate the crime scenes and organize their findings into documents. Testimonies that account for emotional distress, invisible trace that tells when evidence was left, even memories that remain in objects—find contradictions using the various clues at your disposal!

Each mystery unraveled leads you closer to the truth lying at the heart of each case!

Diego Hernandez
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