Fatal Fury City of the Wolves | Title

SNK have revealed a new character for the upcoming Fatal Fury game titled Fatal Fury City of The Wolves. Here we can see Marco Rodrigues in action.

MARCO RODRIGUES (Voice Actor: Earl Baylon) A Kyokugen karateka whose hefty, hot-blooded nature has earned him a reputation for being a beast in battle. With his dojo sign stolen by forces unknown, he has no choice but to hone his karate skills elsewhere in the interim—namely, at Yuri’s fitness club. Upon learning of a new KOF tournament on the horizon, Marco steels himself for what lies ahead: an opportunity to spread word about his beloved dojo, a chance to get its sign back, and (of course) a turbulent test of his Kyokugen Karate might.

Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves is scheduled to release in 2025. Platforms have not been revealed yet.


Justin Guillou
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