Harem King | Marion
Title Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed ‘Em All!
Developer Miel
Publisher Cherry Kiss Games
Release Date
September 9th, 2022
Genre Visual Novel
Platform PC
Age Rating 18+
Official Website

It’s time once again time to take a look at one of Cherry Kiss Games fine releases, Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed ‘Em All! This time around they have taken on a much bigger title – well bigger in the amount of H-Scenes, at least. If you have played one of their previous titles you pretty much know what to expect, but let’s see if bigger means better in this case.

Harem King | Shion

The story begins as our young overworked protagonist is about to pass out from exhaustion. As he closes his eyes he begins to awaken in a fantasy world. Though he is bound, there is a beautiful woman speaking to him named Alicia. He has been summoned to this world as the only man in order to be sacrificed to the evil demon lord to appease her. Alicia – being the graceful queen that she is – allows the man to have one request before dying. He request she takes his virginity, and she grants his request. After a round of hardcore sex she is completely at the mercy of his dick, and allows him to rule her kingdom. Having a harem of just one kingdom isn’t enough for this young man, as he soon begins his conquest of both elven and demi-human realms of this land. Will he achieve is ultimate goal of a world harem? Time will tell!

Harem King | Alicia

As you can tell, the story here isn’t that deep, but this is a Nukige so I didn’t expect much more than this. The H-Scenes are the brunt of the story here and they are all nicely done. The artwork is great like you would expect from a Cherry Kiss Games releases, but there is a bit more variety in the scenes this time. There are around 40 Unique H-Scenes and more than 60 if you count all the variants. As you would expect, some of these are pretty extreme with bondage, pregnancy and other wild fetishes players expect, but I found most of this pretty tame compared to some other releases. I thought it was great that you not only had scenes with princesses, but some of the other girls in the kingdoms as well. This threw even more spice into the mix. The only complaint I have is, why is there to so much peeing in these releases? Like I’ve come to expect it, but it boggles my mind every time. They do have an upcoming option in the next patch to bypass some of the watersports if you are really bothered by them.

Harem King | Marion

The music here is pretty basic but it gets the job done. There is nothing that stands out about it, but there’s nothing really offensive about it, either. The voice actors do a great job of adding to all the H-Scenes in this one. These girls really got into these roles, and it does elevate the scenes a bit overall. I would highly suggest some headphones unless you want to share your harem’s glory with the world, but that’s your call. Fans of this release will recognize the signature clomping sound during each scene, which used to bother me, but I think it has grown on me over time.

Harem King | Big Thing

Harem King: Peasant to Princess Gotta Breed ‘Em All! is a solid release. It has good enough characters to keep you interested, great artwork and a ton a of great H-Scenes. While this game doesn’t reinvent the wheel, if you are a fan of Cherry Kiss Games or other Miel releases, picking this one up at the $14.99 price tag is a no brainer. You’re getting a ton of what you love at a great price. Fans looking to pick up a loaded Nukige that don’t mind a little extreme action will love this one as well.

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