Cooking Eorzea | Feature Image

Cooking Eorzea | Feature Image

So spoiler alert: this week’s Cooking Eorzea article isn’t happening for two reasons.

First, for this week’s originally-planned Cooking Eorzea recipe- La Noscean Toast- I need to have an 11-inch grilling pan. After much searching for one, I ended up having to order it online since I wasn’t impressed/couldn’t afford the ones that were being sold in brick-and-mortar stores here. Unfortunately, it is still stuck in shipping…and I haven’t gotten it yet.

And as it turns out- it is quite hard to make a Cooking Eorzea recipe without the necessary cooking implements.

That is half of it. The other half of the issue for this week is that this recipe requires me to first make a recipe from later on in the book: Walnut Bread. Originally, I had planned to just make it now as part of the La Noscean Toast recipe, and then feature it as a later article installment on its own. As I was planning and buying for this week…I realized that that kind of “jumping around” just didn’t sit well with me and that I wasn’t a real fan of going up and down and sideways and slantways and every other way that you can think of as I try to cook my way through this book. (That’s a mildly obscure Willy Wonka reference for you there).

So, in the spirit of me trying to figure myself, cooking, and this Cooking Eorzea column out…I will be making those dishes that incorporate other dishes as a base ingredient when that base ingredient pops up organically in the book. That means, for example, that I will be making the La Noscean Toast when Walnut Bread then comes up in the book later on.

This also means that my Cooking Eorzea recipe for next Friday will be Lemon Waffle from the Norvrandt Region. Thankfully, I already have managed to secure a waffle maker for that recipe, and it is currently sitting to the left of my computer as I am typing this. I’ve never used a home waffle maker before, but I think this recipe will turn out quite good.

(I hope. If not, then at least it’ll be made with Love, Eorzean Style.)

If you’ve missed a prior installment of Cooking Eorzea, you can check it out here.

Have you used a waffle maker before? How did it go?

Let me know in the comments below!

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