This week’s Nintendo Download is a very small one for sure. A handful of sales and new eShop titles are waiting below, though.


Featured Games

Unfortunately, we have no featured games to check out for this week.


Current Sales

The sales scene is a bit busier than last week. Nintendo’s current gold point’s offer from last week is still ongoing, ending on January 5th. Grab select games from the eShop and get double the My Nintendo gold points you normally would.

Finally, several sales from last week are about to close:

  • Indie World Holiday Sale (30 games up to 75% off – ends Dec. 31st.)
  • Serenity Forge Winter Holiday Extravaganza (8 games up to 80% off – ends Dec. 31st)
  • The Quantum Astrophysics Guild Indie World Holiday Publisher Sale (12 games up to 85% off – Ends Dec 31st)
  • Annapurna Interactive Indie World Holiday Sale (12 games and one DLC up to 70% off – ends Dec. 31st)
  • Humble Games Winter Sale (17 games and three DLCs up to 75% off – ends Dec. 31st)
  • Finji Indi World Holiday Sale (3 games up to 60% off – ends Dec. 31st)

Meanwhile, we have a couple of new sales in this week’s Nintendo Download:

  • Capcom Holiday Sale (20 games and one DLC up to 75% off – ends January 3rd.)
  • Very Merry Ubisoft Holiday Sale (7 games and 4 DLCs up to 75% off – ends January 4th.)


As always, check out Nintendo’s sales page for full details on all current sales.


New eShop Titles

Next up, the new eShop titles section is another super short one in this Nintendo Download:


Board Game/Puzzle:







That does it for the final Nintendo Download of 2021. This is also the last one I will be doing, as I am leaving oprainfall. Take care everyone and have a happy new year!

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