oprainfall | ConnecTank

oprainfall | ConnecTank


YummyYummyTummy and publisher ININ Games have announced that ConnecTank is getting physical editions on Switch and PlayStation 4. Strictly Limited Games already has pre-orders available for them. The game is also coming to Steam later this year in August.

The standard physical edition on both consoles costs $35.99. However, there is also the Noble Limited Edition for those who wish to support them even more. It will cost you $59.99 if you want the extra goodies included in the limited edition:

  • Special Edition Box
  • Nintendo Switch Game Version
  • Commemorative Coin
  • OST
  • Note Pad
  • Large poster
  • Character Cards
  • Outdoor Sticker
  • Manual

ConnecTank | Limited Edition


Life as a courier is even harder when you have to deal with tanks that want to mess up your day! You work for one of the biggest Tycoons in New Pangea, known as Finneas Fat Cat XV. He is one of three different barons in this world.

“Will you line Finneas Fat Cat’s pockets with more coins, amass an art collection with Lord Louis Longneck or help Emperor Pontius Penguin transport packages for the glory of the tundra.”

To succeed, you’ll need to take on jobs, build new tanks, link conveyor belts, put out fires, craft ammo, and more. Each tank has its own skills, plus strengths and weaknesses. There are also different vendors you can interact with. You’ll discover that which baron you’re working for also has effects of its own. Here’s the official ConnecTank trailer:


Your rival shipping companies of course have their own tanks, making them dangerous. Fortunately, you get to have a powerful tank of your own so you can blast your foes to bits! You can’t let your rival shipping companies win, after all! There are 70+ unlockable tanks, each with different ammo and abilities. You can collect parts from tanks you blow up, and then use those tanks as well. Take on 100+ missions alone, or team up with as many as three friends. Unlock new gizmos and ammo to grow in power and conquer your enemies!


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