Summon Night 5

It  has already been known that characters from Summon Night 3 are going to be making cameo appearances in the upcoming installment in the series however, we are now finding out that Namco Bandai’s Summon Night 5 actually takes place a few centuries after the events of the third game!

Even though Summon Night 5‘s story will be related to the world of Summon Night 3, the game will take place in a parallel universe called Linbaum. This game is supposed to take place 200 to 300  years after previous games, so we can expect to see the descendants  of characters from Summon Night 3.

One of the interesting aspects of this new installment is the graphical style. The Summon Night series has been known to use 2D sprites for the character and in some games, a 3D background similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea. This graphical style is going to change in the fifth game as it will now feature 3D polygons for both the characters and the backgrounds however, character portraits will still be in 2D. The catch is, that they will be animated using an animation technique called “Live 2D”. This technique is supposed to  allow for smoother and more fluid animations on the characters. It should be interesting to see how well animated the character portraits will be when the game is released.




Summon Night 5 is currently set to be released for PSP in Japan on May 16 .


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