Fan Shares Heartfelt Letter With Idea Factory

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

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A user by the name of cl_theo posted a touching, heartwarming thread on Idea Factory‘s online forum. The letter told a story about a niche gamer attempting to spend as much time with their father who’s dealing with late stage Parkinson’s Disease. When he visited his dad, cl_tleo would bring along bag of items that reflect who he is as a person. One of the things cl_theo shared was his taste in video games. This is what he writes about that exchange:

One that was shared was Senran Kagura and Neptunia since they’re games he doesn’t know I really enjoy. He knows I’m a big fan of FPS games but not niche titles like this. He liked the designs of the characters for one and thought the idea of human representations of consoles was funny considering he actually was around when the very first home consoles were launched. It was a nice moment between us.

Sometimes it can be hard to be a niche gamer. Our hobbies face judgment every day when our mainstream counterparts pick on that one ecchi game you heard about from us, or a friend’s subtle joke. Cl_theo is not an Twitch personality or YouTube celebrity, he’s a normal gamer that faces the same problems as any of us. If there’s one thing I learned from his story, it’s to not be ashamed of what I enjoy, and that it’s never too late to make a new Neptunia fan.


Our hearts at oprainfall go out to cl_theo and his family. Thank you for your story.

Here at oprainfall, we would like to open the comments section and invite you to email us at with your own niche gaming stories. We’re interested in collecting similar anecdotes about facing possible judgment about ones anime or niche video game interest. Whether you overcame it or if you’re still dealing with it, we’d like to hear from you guys. The cast of Total Control shared their stories in the newest episode and would like to share yours next week.

  • Beautiful story, would love to know his old mans take on Senran Kagura was though 😛

    P.S. In all seriousness this was an interesting change of pace, you guys should do more slice if life or real stories every now and then.

    • azariosays

      I agree, maybe I’ll keep it going 🙂

    • LeistenEntertainment

      Well it meant a lot on me! The Leisten Clan sends their love!

    • LeistenEntertainment

      He liked the concept! He’s old but he’s still a guy. Thank you for the comment!

  • neptuniafan

    This just proves that the goddesses of the Neptunia universe are watching all of us.

    This also proves that games can bring people close together, even the ones that you might think that they have no interest in what you like.

    • LeistenEntertainment

      Damn straight son! Thank you for the support and I hope you shared your hobbies with your family!

  • Mr0303

    It is great seeing such a bond develop between father and son -best of luck to both of them.

    Gaming should really be accepted as a respected hobby like movie going or book reading in all of its forms. Niche gaming just shows that you are more open minded and willing to explore different experiences.

    • LeistenEntertainment

      Gaming itself is given more respect now than when I was younger. It’s just niche titles like this that will raise a few eyebrows. I mean let’s face it, the designs and story’s aren’t exactly what most are used to. It’s always worth trying to understand the titles, but if they can’t wrap their head around it, it’s fine. What really matters is that one tries.

      Thank you for your kind words bud!

  • Iyamtebist

    Ecchi titles were actually largely responsible for helping me realize I was trans. I have a pretty interesting story on why that was the case, and it would have made the perfect thing to put up if I still wrote here lol.

    • LeistenEntertainment

      Well yaoi at one point made me question if I was gay ha!

      Take it easy.

    • Iyamtebist

      This isn’t exactly the same thing, and I’d prefer you not make jokes about something that is a very sensitive subject to me.

    • Pink Guy

      I made an account on this shitty disqus system just to say this. As someone who’s mother and grandfather died of cancer I have to say, really? You turn this guys tragedy towards your own issues? This is just like those anti/pro gun enthusiasts after san bernardino. The bodies aren’t even cold, yet people like you try and spin it towards their agenda, get support and demonize the other side, or in this case a guy who’s about to lose his father. I don’t give a damn what you went through towards becoming a trans. Deteriorating physically and mentally in front of your loved ones knowing there’s no cure is a disturbing way to DIE.

      So how about this jackass, YOUR situation isn’t exactly the same in comparison to the sensitive subject of a loved one dying of a horrible disease, so how about YOU stop acting like the world revolves around you, and screw off.

    • Iyamtebist

      Did you miss the part at the end that asks the readers to share their own niche gaming stories?

      And I love how you act as if making a slight request to maybe not make a joke about a sensitive topic is now as bad as someone using a school shooting to for their own political agendas? Nothing I said was demonizing him, and if you are taking such great offense to a benign comment like mine then that’s your problem.

      And yeah, I’m in no position to say anything about a loved one dying despite my own mother having died three years ago only a year after I got out of high school?

      The only one trying to draw attention to themselves here is you. You were the one who turned a polite request into an attack on cancer victims and started freaking out over it ranting about how you have suffered so much more than me and deserve all the attention for it.

      I’d suggest looking up something called “psychological projection.” The short version is that oftentimes, people project their own flaws and insecurities onto others through huge leaps in logic and assumptions, and considering you had about two sentences to try and base your assumptions off of, it’s probably safe to assume you’re just nuts.

    • Neptuniafan

      Nah dude. You’re the one that overreacted.

    • Iyamtebist

      You make a very persuasive argument and have really showed me the error of my ways. Nice job.

    • LeistenEntertainment

      Well that all took a turn for the worst. :/ Either way have a nice day miss.

    • Iyamtebist

      There is nothing to feel bad about, you didn’t really do anything that bad to begin with, I just didn’t think such a question would trigger such an outburst.

      I never wanted to imply I didn’t care about your story or what is going on with you parents, and I wish for the best with you and your family.

    • azariosays

      This is unacceptable.

      But hey, I’m sure she puts up with people like you every day and she’s doing great. So I don’t really need to say anything.

    • Pink Guy

      I didn’t say a damn thing to bash her for being transgender. Of course she’s the one being defended because she’s trans and used to work here, even when she started all of this with her attitude on a completely different topic. I’m out. Says a lot about this site and this PC generation I guess.

      Mr. Theo, I’m so sorry for what your family is going through, and wish you and your family the best. Sorry to see these two care more about their inner circle and their issues.

    • I<3Pawnee

      You didn’t bash her for being trans, but you did needlessly attack her when she was simply following what the article asked for. The last paragraph said:

      “Here at oprainfall, we would like to open the comments section and
      invite you to email us at with your own niche
      gaming stories. We’re interested in collecting similar anecdotes about
      facing possible judgment about ones anime or niche video game interest.
      Whether you overcame it or if you’re still dealing with it, we’d like to
      hear from you guys. The cast of Total Control shared their stories in the newest episode and would like to share yours next week.”

      She was sharing her story. In no way do I see where she was comparing her situation.

    • azariosays

      Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Iyamtebist

      BS Translator: You do realize that no one even accused you of bashing me because I’m trans right? Yet I know there is a case of suspiciously specific denial going on there. I’m sure it has nothing to do with me being trans when the act of me mentioning my story on a page that asks for said stories is enough to trigger an outburst, and some cliched diatribe about political correctness gone mad.

    • azariosays

      I was in no way defending trans. I was defending my article when I asked people to share their stories.

      You’re good at putting words in people’s mouth.

    • magnetos

      Not even gonna wish the guy or his family the best? Lol

    • Iyamtebist

      You seemed to have missed me doing so 6 hours ago, but you know who hasn’t wished his family the best? You. It is almost as if you don’t actually care about him at all and just want to use this as an excuse to troll. The depths to which some sink are truly disgusting.

    • Iyamtebist

      And “lol” certainly shows how seriously you are taking things.

  • LeistenEntertainment


    This is cl_theo, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for publishing this story! All I want is for people to take the message of it and get closer to their loved ones before it’s too late.

    I beg of everyone reading this to spread this article or the IF Facebook post that published the story. The pain I’m feeling of not being able to share everything with dad is indescribable. I don’t want others to suffer like this and live with regret and shame. Please spread this everyone.

    Thank you for writing this Mr. Lopez. My whole family is thankful!

    -Much love from the Leisten Clan

  • Gemnist

    As someone who has personally known people that have suffered Parkinson’s, my heart goes out to this family and best of luck to them and anyone else who is suffering from this awful disease.

    • LeistenEntertainment

      Thank you for the support. It’s a really tough disease to live with, an watching them deteriorate is awful.

      Thank you again for the support.