oprainfall | Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World

oprainfall | Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World


Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is landing on PC in a couple short days. It will arrive there (via Steam) on Tuesday, June 29th. It already had a successful launch on consoles in May. There the game was well received by fans who have already jumped into Asha’s adventure to save Monster World. Now PC players will get to begin the adventure.

With its “horizontal scroll action RPG gameplay”, Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a recreation of Monster World IV. The original game was developed by Westumbit Entertainment Co., Ltd and released for Megadrive in 1994, according to the press release.


In Monster World, Asha has just become a brand new warrior. However, four spirits have been trapped. Their captors are scheming to take over the world. Queen Prapril has ordered Asha to set the imprisoned spirits free. So she begins a new journey with Peperogu, a mysterious creature from the royal city of Rapadana. Working together, the pair can do things like gliding, pressing a switch, and jumping two steps.

Players will earn gold by vanquishing their enemies. While in a city, you can visit a store and spend your gold on items to help you in your quest. These include equipment like bangles, swords, and shields. These items will prove very helpful as Asha’s adventure unfolds.

Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is already available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Asha and her mysterious companion, Peperogu, will face many challenges in their journey. Can they save the captured spirits and the world?

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