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CLANNAD | Tomoya and Nagisa

If you were waiting for a sale before pulling the trigger on this beloved visual novel, now’s the time to pull the trigger. Key’s acclaimed masterpiece, CLANNAD, is now available on Steam for a discounted price, but only until Thursday, June 9. Normally a $49.99 game, CLANNAD is currently available for only $24.99, making for an awesome 50% savings! Don’t let this great sale slip you by.

For those not in the know, CLANNAD was a visual novel released by Key in 2004 and received both a film and anime adaptation in two parts, as well as manga adaptations, light novels, and an adult spin-off visual novel. It had been fan-translated quite a long time ago, but never received an official release for the West until last year. Sekai Project added to their long list of published visual novels and released CLANNAD in HD via Steam, with the full Japanese voice cast and a new encyclopedia exclusive to the English release.

Again, it only lasts until June 9. Snag it here.

Alexander Jones
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