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Yuri fanatics rejoice, the sequel to The Expression Amrilato, Distant Memoraĵo, is coming soon! MangaGamer announced on Thursday what girls’ love enthusiasts want to hear. To clarify, it’s that the game now has a release date. Furthermore, you can pre-order it right now. The Expression Amrilato and it’s methodic way of getting the reader to learn a new language was extravagant. However, the story seemed to be missing something. Now that we know that there’s a sequel inbound, no doubt this is going to fill so many holes. This series is exceedingly special. I heavily encourage you to read our spoiler-free review of the prequel and try the game out. Pre-orders for the sequel are now open for $17.95 on MangaGamer.


So what exactly is Distant Memoraĵo about?

Their past together, unknown to Rin.
Their present together, unknown to all.

“Sometime in the future”
Rin spends her days torturing herself, still obsessed over the change in the color of the sky of this parallel world. As she agonizes over whether or not she should have returned home, cracks begin to form in her relationship with Ruka, her middle school-aged roommate. Haunted not only by thoughts of her old best friend Yuuzu, but now by the antagonistic Kanako and her gang as well… which future will Rin choose?

“Sometime in the past”
Rei fell into this parallel world as a middle schooler, but now she’s an adult taking on the responsibilities of a new job. One day, while busy getting ready for work, Rei encountered a young girl near the train station: Ruka. And so, Rei enthusiastically went through the formal process to become Ruka’s legal guardian. This is where we quietly raise the curtain on Rei ― a young entry-level librarian ― and her tumultuous life raising a belligerent grade schooler.

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