Poject Ukulele | Kickstarter

Project Ukulele, the codename for the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie in development by Playtonic Games, is gearing up to launch its Kickstarter campaign. With a launch date of May 1, it’s only a few weeks away! The game promises to be filled with great visuals, lots of collectibles, platforming and some old-school charm. So, if you like these things, then you should probably have your eye on this title.

Project Ukulele | oprainfall

As you can see in the above screenshot, the game uses a lot of rich colors to create a vibrant world for players to explore and become a part of. This screenshot conjures memories of games like Donkey Kong 64, Banjo-Kazooie (obviously) and others. The vibrancy of the world makes you want to just dive right in and start jumping on platforms and finding secrets. Clearly a lot of work has gone into creating the game’s many art assets to make such a lush and detailed game world.

Project Ukulele | oprainfall

As you can see in this second screenshot, it shows an underground locale. The area is brimming with jagged, rock walls and ledges. Pipes emerge from some of the walls, and colorful little mushrooms are dotted along the path. Watch out for that little gap in the path, though! The visuals in this area are very nice, just as in the previous outdoor screenshot. The lighting gives the cave a bit of mystique and urges you to explore it.

Project Ukulele is looking super detailed, and you can tell that a lot of love and devotion has gone into it. Hopefully, the game will turn out every bit as good as its visuals look. So, don’t forget, the Project Ukulele Kickstarter campaign is starting on May 1. Help out the developers if you can! Playtonic Games has a very promising game on their hands.


Michael Fontanini
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