This is the last Nintendo Download before E3, with a handful of featured games. By contrast the other sections are all a bit quieter this time, as you might expect.


Featured Games

Just launching is Game Builder Garage ($29.99). This is a surprisingly powerful little game that teaches you about what goes into making video games. Instead of just making your own levels in Super Mario Maker, now you can make your own games. It uses a node-based approach to setting up how objects interact with each other. This way you don’t have to learn about actual computer programming to do it.


We also have NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection ($39.99). Take on intense battles across this collection of three games from the series. It includes NINJA GAIDEN Sigma, NINJA GAIDEN Sigma 2, and NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge. Beyond Ryu Hayabusa, there are four other playable characters. This bundle includes most of the game modes and costume DLCs previously released for these games.


Next up is Wave Break ($29.99). Like the first game in this section, it is just now launching. Jump into the “world’s first skateBOATING game”. It is inspired by arcade skateboarding classics, and takes place in an ’80s world bursting with crime! It features a single player campaign, ranked online multiplayer, custom game modes, and you can create your own boatskating parks.


Rounding out this section is Alba: A Wildlife Adventure ($19.99). Alba has headed to a Mediterranean island to visit her grandparents. While there, she can explore ancient castles and beautiful beaches. She is excited about her summer of animal exploration on the island. However, she soon finds herself on a quest to save the island after seeing an animal in danger!



Current Sales

This Nintendo Download sees a quieter sales scene for the week. Some items we’ve previously covered last week or before are still ongoing. The Team 17 Sale runs until June 16th, and the $10 off when you purchase both Famicom Detective Club games offer is also still active. Meanwhile, the Ubisoft Summer Savings Sale will wrap up on June 14th.

With E3 days away, there aren’t really any new sales to talk about. Of course, we will likely see a number of new ones fire up next week.

As always, check out Nintendo’s sales page for full details on everything.



New eShop Titles

We have a number of new eShop games to cover in this week’s Nintendo Download, though not quite as many as the last few weeks.







First-Person Photography


Hidden Object














Visual Novels



Upcoming Games

The upcoming section is a bit empty in this Nintendo Download. The games that aren’t out yet will be in a matter of hours from now (at the time of this writing). So they are in the previous section instead.


That does it for the last Nintendo Download before E3 2021. It will be interesting to see what happens next week!

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