oprainfall | Fall Guys Season 2

oprainfall | Fall Guys Season 2


Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have launched Fall Guys: Season 2, sending the beans into a world loaded with Medieval mayhem. The developers have added four new rounds, plus there are also new costumes, emotes, and more. The new show selector lets you pick from a playlist of Fall guys ‘Shows”. New costumes include things like paladins, dwarves, and vikings. There is also now a random outfit generator. Here is the Season 2 trailer:


The developers have improved pre-existing rounds with some visual upgrades in Fall Guys: Season 2. As for the four brand new rounds added to the game, here they are:


Hoopsie Legends

This is a medieval, solo re-imagining of Hoopsie Daisy, all about leaping through hoops for points while throwing safety to the wind.

Fall Guys: Season 2 | Hoopsie Legends


Egg Siege

This one adds a new tactical edge to stealing and hoarding your opponents’ eggs, in a castle loaded with moving machine parts and more, like scythes, drawbridges, and ramps.

Fall Guys: Season 2 - Egg Siege


Wall Guys

This one introduces the new mechanic of moveable blocks, which the beans must use to scale a fortress. You’ll need to make at least short term alliances with other beans in this one.

Fall Guys: Season 2 - Wall Guys


Knight Fever

Last but not least, this one is the most perilous race yet. The beans must face a myriad of crazy medieval obstacles and contraptions as they do their best to reach the finish line first.

Fall Guys: Season 2 - Knight Fever


You can find out more about Fall Guys at the official website, Steam page, or PS4 Store page.


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