Asemblance: Oversight

The Sci-Fi thriller, Asemblance: Oversight, is about to launch next week. The game is a follow-up to the first Asemblance, developed by Nilo Studios. The story revolves around scientific and corporate ethics, allowing players to make choices on what side of the argument they fall in. With multiple perspectives, everything surrounds a project about replicating the human mind. The issue comes when this applies to real test subjects.

Another aspect is the social puzzle solving that permeates the games. Imagery and atmosphere all play into telling a story, where it is like a puzzle to unravel. Even before the game launch, the trailer already had imagery discovered by the community as to what the core story is about. Much of this is detailed in the PlayStation Blog, talking about development of both the first and second Asemblance.


Marisa Alexander
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