oprainfall | Adventures of Chris

oprainfall | Adventures of Chris


Developer Guin Entertainment and publisher Graffiti Games are excited to announce the launch of their ’90s cartoon platformer, Adventures of Chris. A chubby, ordinary teenager goes from an underdog to a not-so-typical super hero, as the world faces a new threat. The game is available now on PC (Steam, Linux, Max) and Nintendo Switch for $14.99. You can get it slightly cheaper than that for a limited time thanks to a 10% launch discount. Here is the launch trailer, featuring hand-drawn animation inspired by the ’90s :


In Adventures of Chris, players must use wacky powers to save the world from strange cartoon villains, like samurai cats, cyborg penguins and vampires. All the while, players will customize special skills and spells while unlocking more along the way. Chris was kidnapped by said villains, who turned him into a balloon, but this joke backfired. Transforming into a balloon turns out to be a useful power which can help him escape. Soon he’ll learn other skills, like throwing lightning.

Adventures of Chris features nine locations around the world, which can be explored in any order you choose. There is also other stuff, like the Kingdom of Lost Balloons. The game also has a harder and humorous Mean Mode, as well as developer commentary. There are numerous difficulty options from “Ridiculously Easy” to the far more difficult “Hard for No Reason”. There is a bunch of unlockable content, secrets, and backstory to uncover. Guin Entertainment CEO, Chris Guin, had this to say in the press release:

Adventures of Chris is one of those games where there is way more than meets the eye. It has a variety of gameplay mechanics to use that make each level different, platforming challenges, humor, character special moves that can be customized and much more. Come for the nostalgic factor, but stay for the hours of compelling gameplay and story.”

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