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The next entry in Ebi’s wonderful collection of stories is none other than The End of an Actress. A story that uses the life and death of Marie Antoinette as the base. This will be Ebi’s third release this year after The Language of Love and Rituals in the Dark. Ebi is no stranger to darker theme stories. As a result, you can expect an profound and insightful read in this short read. No exact release date is available at this time other than the month. However, we do know that it will cost $9.99. Keep it here for the latest on Ebi and her works.

What is The End of an Actress about?

The kingdom of Artoire was once a force to be reckoned with. Governed by a string of beloved kings, the nation was wealthy, its people prosperous. That was in the past, however. Now, Artoire’s fortunes are dwindling, as constant wars and food shortages sweep the land.

After innumerable hard years, the people of Artoire begin to despair. Fearing for the worst, they search for a messiah who can save them during their time of peril…

And that messiah comes in the form of a fourteen-year-old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes called Liliane.

Liliane is a beautiful, charming, elegant young lady from the foreign land of Charentes, born to the noble Saint-Coeurs. Betrothed to the future king of Artoire, Liliane ascends to the throne upon the death of the old monarch, to public approval and rapturous applause.

Time passes, however, and soon the public opinion towards Liliane turns. The young queen, it transpires, is vain and flighty, and she cares not one jot about the plight of the common people. The death toll continues to rise, new wars loom on the horizon, and despair swells.

Betrayed and helplessly hurt, a young man called Marius becomes a key player in a revolt that will shake the society of Artoire to its very core.

Once a street urchin in love with the queen, and now a lead revolutionary, Marius is faced with a difficult decision. Can he really bring the queen he once adored to justice… Or will his old feelings ruin all he has been working for?

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What are the specifics surrounding this tale?

– A mature BxG story featuring some scenes with tasteful nudity + one sex scene (but nothing too explicit).
– Based on the life of Marie Antoinette, referenced the biography by Stefan Zweig heavily while writing.
– It’s about 60,000 words long, has choices and about 5 endings (of varying degrees of sadness).
– The story deals with the queen of a fantasy kingdom based on 18th century France being incarcerated in her palace by revolutionaries while awaiting trial.
– As such, most of the story takes place in one room.
This is partially a challenge to try and make an interesting story with a very limited cast that takes place in a limited space.

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