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(Japan) The Valhalla Knights 3 website has received an update. The new information available covers character occupations. This function now involves a “Derivation Agency”. Originally in the game you would pick one of the four classes available to play through as. Now by killing enemies and doing certain quests you will gain “Agency Notes.” These notes will allow you to change your character’s occupation.

Choice of Occupations:

  • Soldier

While many other Soldiers enjoy their lucrative profession for the money, those who work as a Soldier at the prison castle do not receive nearly as much pay. The Soldiers who are willing to work for less pay have plenty of experience and are fantastic at close-ranged combat.

  • Warrior

Warriors have strong faith in themselves and often find joy on the battlefield. Using their katana, they appear to have the strength of a god. This is a popular job and is admired by the prisoners.

  • Ninja

Ninja use their blades to wreak havoc upon their enemies and can often kill with a single strike. Rumors around the prison are that an organization full of Ninja assassins exists, but this has not been verified.

  • Shaman

This job is surrounded by a curse that can only be obtained by males. You use holy magic to help people and dark magic to kill. Whichever magic you use will vary according to the person and some Shamans can even bring back the dead.

  • Merchant

Surviving in prison by the power of swords, Merchants are keen with money. A Merchant will help with your spending habits, so your income and business with prisoners will never be an issue.

  • Amazoness

A female-only job whose members are known for their prowess in battle. With enough power to overwhelm any man they are often known as the Goddesses of War. They possess extremely well-built bodies which both intimidates and makes them popular with most males, as well as other females.

The following pictures feature battle shots of a few of the occupation skill sets.

Valhalla Knights 3 Shaman's Skill
Shaman’s Soul Rain skill.
Valhalla Knights 3
Ninja’s God Wind.
Valhalla Knights 3 Screens
Amazoness’ Poison Attack skill.

To obtain these skills you must:

Obtain a ticket.
Activate the ticket.
Activate the ticket.
Visit the girl at the guild for help activating the ticket.


Valhalla Knights 3 will be playable on the PlayStation Vita. The game is being localized by XSEED Games and is expected to be available in North America in the fall of 2013.

Thanks to Jodie Langford for help with some translating.



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