Fruitbat Factory has released an excited press release announcing the launch of Lionheart later this month on Steam. Lionheart is a Japanese RPG developed by Shiisanmei with Japanese voice acting. The story follows Leon Lionheart and his party as they delve deep into the forbidden depths of magical labyrinth, meeting new allies along the way. With 50-100 hours of gameplay, Lionheart includes three difficulties (casual, normal, and heroic), more than 10 playable characters, and over 100 types of monsters. Additionally, the GUI and the art for the monsters has been upgraded for the Steam version.

Today’s announcement from Fruitbat Factory revealed that Lionheart is set to launch on Steam on July 31st for $19.99, and that there is also a %25 preorder discount. Today’s press release also included a handful of screenshots, and a link to a video of the opening scene on their YouTube channel:


And here are the screenshots:


Lastly, you can check out the full press release below for full details:


Lionheart Has a Release Date!

July 14, 2016 – Fruitbat Factory is excited to announce that the Japanese fantasy RPG Lionheart will release on Steam on July 31. Developed by ShiisanmeiLionheart tells the story of Leon Lionheart and his party as they explore the forbidden depths of a magical labyrinth and meet new allies. The beautifully illustrated RPG is voiced in Japanese and has an estimated playtime of 50-100 hours.


The youth known as Leon Lionheart, an adventurer like his father, seeks to explore the Magic Labyrinth, “Libra Corridor.” Around the same time, the Justicar Maria Sinkirk finds Leon while on an investigation of the corridor, and, noticing the unusual “skill” he possesses, somewhat forcibly enlists his cooperation.

The former mercenary Orsin and nun Emma also join the two, and the group begin to explore the depths of the Corridor. What hidden secrets of this dungeon will they discover?

Only those who face forward will be allowed to proceed.

Game Features

  • Over 10 playable characters
  • More than 100 different monster types
  • 3 difficulty options: Casual, Normal and Heroic
  • Monster art and user interface upgraded for Steam version

English version of Lionheart’s opening can be seen on the Fruitbat Factory YouTube channel. Screenshots showcasing the reworked user interface can be seen on the game’s Steam page. The Steam version comes with Steam trading cards, achievements and Steam Cloud support.

Lionheart comes priced at $19.99 and is currently available for pre-order from the official Fruitbat Factory store with a -25% pre-order discount.

For more information, business enquiries and to be included in the press release and review mailing lists, contact Fruitbat Factory at [email protected].

Fruitbat Factory, Ltd

English version developer (Homepage, BlogTwitterFacebookGoogle+ & YouTube)
Fruitbat Factory is an independent localisation house focusing on bringing interesting Japanese games to English-speaking audiences.


Developer of original Japanese version (Homepage)
Shiisanmei has been developing games since 2011. Their latest releases are Lionheart and its sequel, Lionheart II.


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