Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale

Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale


Playism has announced today that Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale has launched on both Playism and SteamYukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale is a Japanese indie game that tells a vengeful winter tale involving family ties and of course revenge. It follows a young man named Yukiji, this world’s last avenger. The world has been plunged into a terrible, eternal winter by a demon known as Yukie. As his quest progresses, Yukiji’s motives and purpose are soon called into question as things get blurred between vengeance and seduction.

Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale is available on both Steam and Playism. You can pick it up for just $2.99, and there is currently a %10 discount lowering the price to $2.69. This special promotion runs through July 20th. Along with today’s launch, there is also a handful of screenshots and a trailer:


Here are the six screenshots as well:


Lastly, You can check out the full press release below:


Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale


About Yukie

As the story evolves and develops, Yukie: A Japanese Winter Fairy Tale plays out in as a vengeful winter tale. Bringing together family ties and revenge, this winter-world will bring you to the edge of good, evil and all in between.

Follow the tale of a young man, Yukiji, who is the final avenger of this world. He seeks vengeance on the demon Yukie, who has subjected the world to an Eternal Winter.
Proceed in a movie-like fashion as the journey to the snowy mountains to slay Yukie takes many twists and turns. As the story blurs between vengeance and seduction, Yukiji’s purpose and desires are called into question as he wields his sword.

What makes Yukie stand out from other narrative-based games is how well the art, musical score and writing fit together, creating a captivating atmosphere of Yukie’s cursed yet beautiful winterland.


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