New Game!

New Game!

Funimation has revealed the English voice cast of New Game! which will be simuldubbed. The dub for the first season will appear today on FunimationNow which at this time will be episodes 1 through 6. The rest of the first season will be coming on July 28. Here’s the cast for the English dub.

Aoba Suzukaze – Megan Shipman

Ko Yagami – Michelle Rojas

Rin Toyama – Kristen McGuire

Hifumi Takimoto – Jill Harris

Yun Iijima – Leah Clark

Hajime Shinoda – Tia Ballard

Nene Sakura – Bryn Apprill

Umiko Hazuki – Caitlin Glass

Shizuku Hazuki – Carli Mosier

Mozoku – Carli Mosier

Sojiro – Jill Harris

New Game! can be streamed on Crunchyroll and Funimation.


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