Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) is the summer time charity speedrunning marathon held by Games Done Quick, and even though the event itself is still just under three months away the games that will be played during the marathon have been announced.

The list includes many of the standbys we’ve come to expect to see at these marathons. A long list of Mario, and Zelda titles, Mega Man, the ever popular four way Super Metroid race, but also included are some noteworthy surprises. One such surprise is NieR: Automate. It’s rare to see such a new release make the list, and the fact it’s already under two and half hours is pretty impressive. Another one that may not seem as noteworthy to those unfamiliar with the speedrunning community is the Final Fantasy VII No Slots run. FFVII No Slots is one of my personal favorite speedruns. It hasn’t been ran at a GDQ since AGDQ ’12, and the run has change quite a bit since then. It was considered by many in the community as “too long” for a modern GDQ, so seeing it on the list quite the pleasant surprise to me.

You can checkout the full list for yourself here. It’s should be noted that this is games list, NOT the schedule. Games are listed in alphabetical order. Summer Games Done Quick 2017 will run from July 2nd to July 9th and they will be raising money for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières), a humanitarian organization that provides medical aid to those who need it in war-torn regions regardless of nationality.

Aaron Evangelisti
Aaron is a lifelong video games enthusiast who's been playing since the days of the NES. He enjoys just about all types of games from RPGs, to platformers, to strategy. He also fancies himself a bit of a writer so writing about video games makes sense, right?