Love Live! Sunshine!! | Dengeki G's March 2017 Art

At the 48th Prize Fair, Banpresto revealed a new set of prize figures for Love Live! Sunshine!!. The figures will be part of their EXQ line of figures and will release from October to December 2017. The outfits and poses are based on promotional art for the “HAPPY PARTY TRAIN”  single. The art was featured in the March 2017 edition of Dengeki G’s Magazine.

All nine members of Aqours get their own figure. You can check out pictures of the figure below.

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Chika Takami EXQ Figure Love Live! Sunshine!! | Riko Sakurauchi EXQ Figure Love Live! Sunshine!! | You Watanabe EXQ Figure

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Ruby Kurosawa EXQ Figure Love Live! Sunshine!! | Yohane EXQ Figure Love Live! Sunshine!! | Hanamaru Kunikida EXQ Figure

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Mari Ohara EXQ Figure  Love Live! Sunshine!! | Dia Kurosawa EXQ Figure Love Live! Sunshine!! | Kanan Matsuura EXQ Figure

The figures look very nice and the members of Aqours all look great in their casual outfits. The sculptor did a good job in recreating the poses and outfits featured in the  March 2017 issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine.

The Love Live! Sunshine!! EXQ figures are scheduled to release later this year. The 2nd year (Chika, Riko, You) figures release in October 2017. The 1st year (Ruby, Yohane, Hanamaru) figures release in November 2017. The 3rd year (Dia, Kanan, Mari) figures release in December 2017.

The Prize Fair is an event that is jointly held by 6 domestic prize manufacturers. At the event, they showcase their upcoming prize items that are scheduled to release later in the year.

Are you ready to bring the your favorite member of Aqours home later this 2017?


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