Korokesu for 3DS

Korokesu, from BlazBlue and Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works, rolls onto the 3DS e-shop in Japan today.

Focusing on dice rather than just boring blocks, Korokesu has you matching the numbered sides together to remove pieces from the board in an effort to become the dice rolling champion.

No, seriously. You play an adorable prince trying to impress your father, the king, with your dice matching abilities. There are two modes to flex your rolling prowess:  trial mode, where you have three minutes to score as many points as possible; and puzzle mode, where you simply clear the board of all the dice. There is an element of strategy, as when dice are removed they exist in the world for a brief second allowing you to chain more dice together for point combos.

Korokesu is yet another addition to the Japanese eShop library from Arc System Works, who has continually supported the eShop with several other downloadable titles.

Interested gamers can pick up Korokesu right now for 500 yen.


Cassie Williams
Cassie is a die hard Nintendo fan, lover of animals, and a World of Warcraft junky. She spends her spare time, when not working or managing her WoW guild, spending time with her husband Brad, and a veritable cornucopia of pets. She adores the gaming community and aspires to give back more to the community she loves.