Puzzle & Dragons X


Having just been unveiled a couple of days ago by Famitsu, Puzzle & Dragons X is preparing to launch sometime next year in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. In the meantime, developer GungHo Online Entertainment released some first details on the game today. This also includes screenshots and even some artwork of a few of the game’s very large roster of monsters. As you might expect, Puzzle & Dragons X retains the match-3 style puzzle battle system from previous entries in the Puzzle & Dragon series. But this time, the developer aims to put stronger RPG elements into the game.

The game is set on an island that is naturally quite rich in “Drop” energy. It’s called “Dorogoza Island”, and it’s “Drop” energy comes in 5 types: fire, water, wood, light, and darkness. The various types of this energy can be given to friendly monsters, and used in puzzle battles against the many enemy monsters.

Puzzle & Dragons X Monster


The game features a character-interweaving story where players will grow and train not only their own character, but also monsters. According to today’s new information on Puzzle & Dragons X, there will be over 500 monsters. Different monsters possess different abilities or powers, but it is also possible for the player to make direct use of these powers by equipping weapons that are endowed with that monster’s power. And with so many monsters in the game, there are sure to be a ton of different powers for you to take advantage of, as well. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait at least until sometime next year to get your hands on the game when it launches.

You can check out all of the screenshots and monster artwork that was released by GungHo Online Entertainment today in the gallery below!




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