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Mega Man Legacy Collection - Themes

Capcom of Japan announced a special Limited Edition for Rockman Classics Collection for Nintendo 3DS, the Japanese version of Mega Man Legacy Collection. It’s loaded with quite the set of treats: a daily planner for the year 2016 with sprite art of the Robot Masters from the Nintendo titles on the cover, a set of sticky notes and bookmarks.

The Rockman Classics Collection will also include download codes for one of two 3DS background themes (shown above) and those who order the game through Capcom’s E-Capcom online store will receive all of six types (a promotion that will only run for a limited time) randomly selected CD/physical game box cover inserts, each of which reflect the Japanese box art of one of the Rockman NES titles. These two items will be available to those who purchase the standard edition through E-Capcom (but those who purchase the Limited Edition through E-Capcom get codes for both background themes, albeit only for a limited time as with the box cover inserts.) Interested customers will also be able to purchase all of the extra goodies as a separate package without the game itself if they so choose. This will run for ¥5400 with tax included, and the standard edition is ¥4309 with tax included.

The Limited Edition is priced at ¥9709, tax included, though! That’s how hard it is to be a Mega Man fan nowadays. In any case, those who purchase this item will access to quite the assortment of exclusive treats. Perhaps the Western release may see some added bonuses? Anyway, a full visual assortment can be seen in the link marked “SOURCE” for this article below, and the images for this article are credited to Capcom’s product pages for this game. The values given in this page are pre-tax; clicking on one of the products will give you more detailed information in Japanese.


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